About Fredrick the Fox


Fredrick the Fox is a series of children’s books about being different, accepting differences, and making friends. The series immerses the reader into the perspective of Fredrick, a fox who often feels lonely and invisible, due to society’s unfair deeming of a fox as untrustworthy.

Because of these stereotypes, many choose not to get to know Fredrick — though he is a very sweet, caring and kind fox. Those who give Fredrick a chance will often find the greatest friendship of their life.

Readers of Fredrick the Fox will gain the opportunity to understand how lonely it must be for a fox — or for an ‘other’ in society — and how great a friendship they may miss out on by sticking to their initial assumptions.

Fredrick’s journey allows those who also feel invisible to shine as the main character, while the series encourages those who may misunderstand someone like Fredrick to take a chance on a new friendship.

The first book in the series, Fredrick the Friendly Fox, was published in 2022. The Fredrick the Fox series will continue with more books in the near future. Check back often, or sign up to Fredrick’s email list for updates.

About The Author

Fredrick the Fox is a children’s book series written by Elissa de Waard.

Elissa de Waard was born in Melbourne and has lived all across Australia, but calls the beautiful Southern Tablelands region of New South Wales home, where she lives with her husband and two beautiful children. Elissa has worked in community services for over 20 years, and now works in her own social work private practice, working with women with intellectual disability promoting human rights and social justice. There have been many times when Elissa has witnessed incredible acts of kindness in her various roles from people who feel invisible in society, reminding her that all things extraordinary live in the ordinary.

When not working, Elissa loves to spend time with her family and friends, discover places she has not visited before, and watch classic movies with her children whilst sipping a chai.

About The Illustrator

Elise Parker grew up in New Zealand before moving to Australia in her late teens. She went on to study digital design, specialising in Illustration, and later obtained a graduate diploma in primary teaching. She now resides in Perth with her husband and young daughter, where they enjoy being creative and exploring their local parks and beaches.

Elise now dedicates her time to being a mum and a freelance illustrator. Her main focus is to illustrate bold, whimsical illustrations full of colour, pattern, and texture for children’s picture books. Find Elise through her portfolio website or Instagram.