Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main teaching of the series?

Fredrick the Fox is a series of children’s books about being different, accepting differences, and making friends. It teaches us that we must look past our differences and assumptions to find great friendships and welcome others into our hearts, because everyone is deserving of a friend.

The Fredrick the Fox series is:

  • Children's books about being different

  • Children's books about accepting differences

  • Children's books about making friends

Who is the book for?

Fredrick the Fox places those who feel marginalised, invisible, different, or without a friend as the main character. The series empathises with those who may feel this way, while encouraging readers to reach out and open their hearts to others. It teaches that we may find the greatest friendships of our lives when we look past our differences and assumptions. Therefore, Fredrick the Fox is a book for everyone — both those who feel invisible or lonely, and those who can make a difference to people who do.


Which age group is this series for?

All children! Fredrick the Fox is an illustrated story that can be enjoyed and treasured by children of all ages.


Will there be more books in the series?

Yes! As of 2022, two more Fredrick the Fox books are in progress, with more to come in the future.


Why is Fredrick a fox?

Foxes face a negative stereotype, in a similar way to many of the marginalised people in our societies. Foxes tend to be portrayed as untrustworthy, which would cause many to refuse to get to know them — although on the inside, they can be the most genuine, warm, and wonderful friends you’ll ever meet!


Is Fredrick a vegetarian?

He sure is! Fredrick the Fox is a charming, lovable little vegetarian.


Where is the book set?

Fredrick the Fox is set in the beautiful Australian landscape — home of the author, Elissa de Waard.