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Though Fredrick is wonderful and trustworthy and really, very sweet

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1. Everyone Matters

Although people we don’t know can seem ‘different’ to us, we are all special and beautiful in our own way. Fredrick believes it is very important to get to know others, so that we see what is on the inside — that is, the most unique and exceptional things about us is what really counts.

2. Treasuring Friendship

The most special thing we have in life is friendship, whether it be with our parents, siblings, grandparents, schoolmates, friends, and those we come across each day. Fredrick treasures his friendships, and finds joy in developing meaningful relationships, no matter who it may be with.

3. No Judgment

As someone who has struggled through an unfortunate view by society, Fredrick understands that everyone is worthy of being given a chance. If you see someone who feels lonely, invisible, or different, be brave and talk to them - you may even meet the greatest friend of your life!

We first meet Fredrick in book one, Fredrick the Friendly Fox.

In this story, we see Fredrick struggle to make friends with those around him, as many see him as a fox who wants to hurt them. Eventually, Fredrick makes a wonderful new friendship - all because someone got to know him for who he is on the inside.

Embark on a journey of friendship and discovery.

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